Mark L Prophet (B/W) White Suit 5 x 7

Mark L Prophet, founder of The Summit Lighthouse, and his wife, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, served as messengers of the Great White Brotherhood.

As pioneers of modern spirituality, their conferences, audio and video recording, cable TV shows, radio shows, as well as their many books introduced the Teachings of the Ascended Masters to an international audience. Their spiritual books cover topics such as the human aura, spiritual alchemy and the violet flame, the Science of the Spoken Word, twin flames & soulmates, and the path of the ascension.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet said of Mark,

"...the overwhelming quality I see when I contemplate the soul of Mark Prophet is his magnanimous heart. And so, while I was meditating on the heart of my beloved in preparation for my talk today, I realized that this very quality--magnanimity, and our practice of it–will be the key to the success of this church.

"William Wordsworth once said: 'The best portion of a good man’s life [is] his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.' I learned a lot about those little acts of kindness and love from Mark Prophet just by watching how he loved people and how he loved me. Mark didn’t have an easy life. Maybe that’s what made him more loving, more generous, more magnanimous.

"In each of his past lives Mark was developing another facet of his magnanimous heart."