Memorial Service for Elizabeth Clare Prophet - DVD

Memorial service held in King Arthurs Court, November 8, 2009. 2 DVDs ~4 hours. Includes Memorial Booklet.

“I would lay down my life a thousand times for the community to endure, and the only way it will endure is through living people who have become the essence of the master.”Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Disc 1:
Memorial Service, 1 hour 36 minutes
“Mother and Her Legacy of the Past,” Rev. Gene Vosseler, 23 minutes

Disc 2:
“Where the Past and the Future Meet,” David Kravitz, 17 minutes
“Mother’s Legacy for the Future,” Valerie McBride, 30 minutes
Memorial Service Conclusion, 25 minutes
Teen and Youth Reflections, 57 minutes

Photo © 1999 Larry Stanley Photography