Meditations to Become the Buddha - CD

Guided meditations on the heart of Gautama Buddha and your soul's path to becoming the Buddha by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. These meditations are set to the music of Pachelbel's Canon in D. Meditate on the Ten Perfections of the Buddha.

The meditations on this recording are excerpted from the original text of the book Quietly Comes the Buddha and were given at a spiritual retreat in California. They are delivered in the first person so that you can commune directly with the heart of this precious Buddha.

Mono. Remastered from the CD, “Quietly Comes the Buddha.”

“I owe praise and gratitude to the Lalitavistara and Jataka stories of the past lives of Buddha. It was my meditation on these texts that prepared me to receive the revelations from Gautama Buddha on the Ten Perfections for the book Quietly Comes the Buddha. These are the original perfections that Gautama taught. They are eternal and they complement perfections adopted by later Buddhist schools.” – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

1 audio CD, 58 minutes.