Meditations In The Heart of Mother - CD

Seven spoken meditations with musical backgrounds by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Meditation on the Mother, June 12, 1976, 16:50
A Meditation for the Mastery of the Chakras, March 19, 1975, 22:18
A Meditation on the Souls Ascent to the Central Sun of Being and the Descent to the Plane of Earth, October 25, 1981, 12:56
Musical Meditation with the Messenger's Invocation for the Slaying of the Anti-Buddha and the Anti-Guru in the Seven Chakras of Being, August 14, 1988, to the Song of India by Rimsky-Korsakov
Violet-Flame Meditation to Concerto for Harp and Orchestra no.1 in C Major by Ernst Eichner, 5:00
Meditation to Evening Star from Tannhauser by Richard Wagner, 3:33
Spoken Meditation to “The Flame of Peace and Aloha” March 12, 1978, 5:32
Total length: 1 hr. 18 min.