Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine

Elizabeth Clare Prophet offers her unique perspective on the feminist movement and the effect that the actions of the early church fathers hiding Jesus' true teachings on woman. Had these lost teachings of Jesus stayed in the Christian churches, women today would have a more elevated role in church, state and society.

As a well-known female religious leader of the latter twentieth century, the subject of Woman’s role in the Church was something that was very important to Elizabeth Clare Prophet—not only on a personal level, but also as she defined her role and calling in her own organization and on the world scene. She spoke on this subject many times during her nearly forty years of active ministry, particularly a series of lectures she delivered on “The Lost Teachings of Jesus on Women’s Rights.”

Since those lectures were delivered, the subjects of Mary Magdalene and Jesus' teachings on Woman have come to the forefront of popular and scholarly debate.

Central to the whole question about the role of Woman in Christianity is Mary Magdalene.

Was she a leader in the early Church?
What was her role in relation to the twelve apostles?
Was she, as some have claimed, the wife of Jesus?
What is the role of Woman in the Church?
And what is the spiritual understanding of male and female?

Here is a unique perspective to the Gnostics and their teachings that comes not only from a study of their texts but is also deeply rooted in her own spiritual experience, inspiration and the revelations from Jesus.

We invite you to enter in and join Elizabeth Clare Prophet's journey to find the essence of the divine feminine in Christianity.