Mark's Sermons for a Sabbath Evening Disc 2 - (MP3 CD)

Mark L. Prophet's Sermons for a Sabbath Evening

Sermons for a Sabbath Evening is a series of wonderful lectures given by Mark Prophet on a wide array of spiritual topics. Designed to deepen our understanding, they speak to the heart, the soul and the mind of the listener. And when we listen to Marks powerful voice, we remember that he is speaking these teachings from the heart of El Morya and opening for us the door to El Moryas heart.

Album 2 of Sermons for a Sabbath Evening contains teachings on:

The Ladder of Life, Kal-Desh: The Intermingling of Time and Space, You Will Become One with God, My Destiny to Find the Things of God, You Have the Power to Create!, The Flame of Reality, Communion with God, The Earth as a Schoolroom, Man's Search for Personal Happiness

1 MP3 Audio CD, 7 hours 28 minutes, 9 sermons.