Mark's Movie - (DVD - VIDEO)

A short, narrated biography of Mark L. Prophet with footage of:

His boyhood home and his mother
His pilgrimages to India, Europe, and the Holy Land
Events at former church headquarters in Colorado Springs and Santa Barbara.
Personal glimpses of Mark—playing with his children, driving his bus and preaching his sermons.
Includes one of the few dictations delivered by Mark ever captured on film.

Mighty footprints in the sands of life has our messenger left, and all who are wise will seek them out and place their feet in that unmistakable, clearly marked pathway that he has shown … He walked the solitary path, and he walked the path of union with the hearts of all mankind. He bore his brother's burden, and he counted not the cost of giving his all to all who came for counsel, for comfort, for convincing in the Law.
– El Morya

He was and is our ever-present Guru.

1 DVD 51 min.