Mandala Of The Five Dhyani Buddhas - 19 x 23 poster

This lithograph is based on traditional Tibetan Buddhist mandalas.

The images of The Five Dhyani Buddhas are photgraphs of finely crafted Tibetan and Nepalese statues that were sculpted during the thirteenth to early fifteenth centuries, when depictions of these Buddhas were popular. Because they are celestial, not historical beings, the Dhyani Buddhas are often portrayed with jewels and a crown rather than the simple robes of a Buddha.

Tibetans use art as a method of bringing heaven to earth and raising man out of his earthly confines to a realm of peace and harmony. They believe that a statue is the living presence of that one.

The figures portrayed here convey elegance yet power. This is the singular character, charm and mission of Tibetan sacred art.

The real is wed to the transcendent.
Grace and purity are fused with vitality and power.
Careful detail and precision are united with spontaneity.

The result is that the otherworldliness and perfection of enlightened realms comes through with an immediacy that inspires the observer to realize his own divine potential.