Maitreya Bronze Statue - Laminated Wallet Card

Maitreya, the Coming Buddha, the Future Buddha, plays many roles in the various Buddhist traditions throughout the Far East.

The compassionate Buddha Maitreya is

 •  the guardian of the Dharma
 •  an intercessor and protector
 •  a guru who personally initiates his devotees
 •  a messenger sent by the Eternal Mother to rescue her children
 •  a Messiah who descends when the world is in turmoil to judge the wicked and save the righteous
 •  the Laughing Buddha

Maitreya holds the office in the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood of representative of the Universal, or Cosmic, Christ.

"I am in that flame of kindness and I pray that you jump in the flame with me. Let us, we two, then, and we two by two by the billion, go forth. Let us go forth to establish points of Light in the vast reaches of outer space and know that in reality time and space are not and we are one in the infinite Mind of God.

"At the forefront of the Mind of God and the Eye of God within you, see me, know me and hold me to your heart. Each time you take up that little card of my image* and press it to the third eye, you have the imprint of my Electronic Presence on every cell and atom of your being. And it’s as easy as whistling a happy tune."
- Lord Maitreya Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 37 No. 14