Lost Teachings of Jesus On Woman - (DVD - VIDEO)

The Lost Teachings of Jesus on Woman is not about women, or only for women. It is about your right to become who you really are.

Jesus broke with the traditions that bound women of his day. He spoke openly to women and some were even his closest disciples, such as Mary Magdalene, Martha, Mary of Bethany and others.

“Reverence Woman, Mother of the Universe. In her lies the truth of creation. She is the foundation of all that is good and beautiful…. Love your wives and honor them, because tomorrow they shall be mothers, and later—the mothers of the human race.” Jesus, as recorded in an ancient Buddhist text

Elizabeth Clare Prophet unfolds the lost teachings that Jesus gave to his disciples two millennia ago. She reveals the very personal instruction he is imparting today to those whose hearts are inclined towards Truth.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet lectures on “The Lost Teachings of Jesus on Woman” and “Teaching on the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.”

DVD includes a dictation from Mother Mary through Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

2 DVDs.