Lost Teachings on Finding God Within (Book 4 Pocket Version)

The Lost Teachings of Jesus Series: How to contact your inner source and access your unlimited potential.

How to put the teachings of Jesus into action to meet the challenges of life.

Learn why mantras and affirmations work, and how to use them with visualizations to help yourself and others.

In modern vernacular, the authors reconstruct the essence of Jesus message and answer questions that have puzzled readers of the Bible for centuries. While the words and images may not be those Christ used two thousand years ago, you will find the heart of the message he imparted.

Topics include:
  • The Relationship of Man and God
  • Christs Doctrine vs. Church Doctrine
  • Seeing God in Yourself
  • Jesus Teaching on Sin, Karma, Reembodiment
  • Learning to Command the Powers of the Universe
  • The Alchemy of the Violet Flame
  • Spiritual Self-Defense
  • Structuring Our Lives to Fit Heavenly Patterns
  • The Christ Consciousness
  • How the Imitation of Christ Can Produce Miracles

Pocketbook, 398 pages