Kuan Yin Special Purpose Mantras - CD

Newly recorded during 2014-2015 New Year's Retreat
47 minutes

“Now, beloved, the alchemy of the Kuan Yin mantras that is added to this violet flame provides, indeed, the secret-ray action of the violet flame (and) does afford you, then, a tremendous power of transmutation through the fullness of the attainment of Kuan Yin and does give a tremendous boost to Kuan Yin whereby through many hands and hearts reaching out to her in the West she might also increase in her manifestation of the Amitabha Buddha. Thus, beloved, you render Kuan Yin as well as the planet a great service.” – Beloved Heros and Amora

Legal Matters 2:38
Supply 3:04
Supply 2:38
Enemy Invasion 2:40
Conquering Hateful Enemies 2:16
Securing Territory 3:01
Wisdom, Presence of Kuan Yin 2:40
Controlling Weather 2:48
Courageous, Vigorous Heart 2:35
Dispelling Obstacles 2:51
Relief of Illness 2:29
Alleviation of Sorrow and Worry 2:49
Wisdom, Memory and Study 2:37
Good Friends 2:47
Healing Eyes 2:51
Kindness and Respect 3:03
Mantras 1-16 given one time each 2:18
“And you would do well to tarry in that violet flame and the Kuan Yin mantras, for the need of the hour (for forgiveness and the surrender of unreality) is great.” – Beloved Alpha and Omega