Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores the Kabbalah, a tradition of Jewish mysticism, and uses its principles to give you spiritual insights to improve your life.

Are you a mystic, an adventurer of the spirit? One who dares to push beyond the boundaries of orthodox traditions to pursue a direct experience of God?

Explore the rich Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah from the source documents of the Zohar and its commentaries. Gain an in-depth understanding of the Kabbalah's Tree of Life, theories on the creation, the origin of evil, the feminine aspect of God, the mysteries of the soul, and soul mates.

Take and apply these extraordinary insights – used by Kabbalists over the centuries to accelerate spiritual attainment – to one's accelerate your own spiritual quest of finding God in your heart.

I bring you a unique interpretation of the Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah.

Through the inspiration of mystics who have gone before, I would remind you of your birthright as a son or daughter of God. That birthright, which is your unique portion of God himself, is right inside of you. Only you can unlock it.

What is Kabbalah? It is a subject so mysterious that for centuries only married men over the age of forty were allowed to study it.

That view is no longer universally held, and today both men and women of any age study the basic principles of Kabbalah. As one Kabbalist wrote, ‘From 1540 onward, the most important commandment will be for all to study [Kabbalah] in public, both old and young.'


Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power is the first book in the Mystical Paths of the Worlds Religions series.

36 Illustrations, 19 charts and diagrams, pronunciation guide included.