Jesus Approaching Ladakh as a Youth Digital Paper

"The teenager who became the Saviour of the world." From the cover of The Lost Years of Jesus. In the Acknowledgment of Collaborators, Elizabeth Clare Prophet expressed her profound appreciation for the artist:

"—for his evident delight in executing in the artistic tradition of Nicholas Roerich the cover painting of Jesus Approaching Ladakh as a Youth, whose conception was born out of our mutual desire to inspire this generation to pursue the holy mountain of God in the Master's footsteps."

El Morya said (Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 25, no. 70):
"My beloved hearts, I am gratified that a magnificent painting has been executed, at the direction of the Darjeeling Council through the messenger, of a wonderful profile of the youth, our Lord Jesus Christ, as he made his way to the Himalayas and came to Tibet to receive the high calling of the Son of God to be the instrument of Maitreya and Gautama.

I am grateful that this magnificent work of art will be made available to the people of the world.  I am grateful that the knowledge of the journey and the trek of this holy one of God might be known by many across the face of the earth….

This, beloved, printed in full color, this is the painting of the youth Jesus Christthe teenager who became the Saviour of the world.

The lost years of Jesus have hurt the younger generation more than all others, because they have had no one to equate with from the years twelve to twenty-nine.  In those very important years from twelve to eighteen, when all of the burdens and temptations of life come upon them, they have not seen the figure of the one who became the master and who now is ready to show them the way…."

Digital, Fine Art Print, Fuji Crystal Archive Paper