Jesus 12x16 Unlaminated Poster

It came to me in the night and would not be deniedin these words, Charles Sindelar, internationally famous artist explained how he came to draw the beautiful Christ Head. Mr. Sindelar was awakened one morning at two oclock. As in a dream the image of Christ stood before him and finally passed away. This same phenomena occurred every morning at two oclock for three weeks. During this period the artist could not do his regular work. When he would pick up his palette and stand before his canvas to work, this image would appear vaguely over the other picture. In order to get mental rest he dropped his painting and went to his etching table and as he picked up his tools the same image appeared on his copper plate. This, together with the nightly appearances had bested the artist almost to a point of exhaustion. He mentioned the facts to a lady of high spiritual attributes and her immediate reply was: Go home, Charles, and paint what you have seen. He did that very thing, and the picture flowed from his brush as if by magic and immediately the nightly visions ceased, and his entire mental attitude was changedand he did rest in peace.”