Incarnations of the Magnanimous Heart of Lanello Set - DVD

Who is Lanello?

Mark L. Prophet, December 24, 1918 – February 26, 1973, was an anointed messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. Mark Prophet founded The Summit Lighthouse in 1958 under the direction of the Ascended Master El Morya. He and his wife Elizabeth Clare Prophet, were pioneers of modern spirituality. Mark ascended in 1973 from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Why Study Lanello's Embodiments?

“I realized that we could go no further in putting on the mantle of Lanello's mastery without knowing more about his previous incarnations. The essential facts of his life are not enough…To get the very concentrated essence of a virtue, an attainment, a heart fire, we must go back to the point where the virtue was forged and won, where the soul has demonstrated courage, fearlessness, where a particular gift from God, unique in that lifetime, was outplayed to its fullest.”—Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet Lectures on Mark Prophet's Previous Lifetimes
Individual DVD Albums:

Aesop – Teller of Fabulous Fables

Saladin the Kurd – Chosen Instrument of Allah

Saint Bonaventure – Seraphic Doctor of the Church

Longfellow – The Heart and the Pen

Louis XIV – The Sun King

Five DVD Box Set