Incarnations of the Magnanimous Heart of Lanello-Longfellow - (DVD - VIDEO)

To me Longfellow's poems are dictations from the ascended masters…. This is an embodiment of preparation, the exercise of the heart and the pen as the instrument of the heart, preparing a soul to deliver the most intricate matrices and teachings of the masters. It was a beautiful embodiment; it had its trials and its initiations, and it had its deep sorrow…. The richness of human experience brings us to this moment as we pursue the path of the Buddha, the Christ, and the blessed Mother that we can be bodhisattvas. We can care for humanity because we have participated in the heights of its joys, the depths of its sorrows, and therefore we can have compassion, we can give comfort. — Elizabeth Clare Prophet

A lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the Incarnations of the Magnanimous Heart of Lanello series.