Incarnations Magnanimous Heart of Lanello • John Mark - (DVD - VIDEO)

Why we study Lanello’s embodiments…

I realized that we could go no further in putting on the mantle of Lanello’s mastery without knowing more about his previous incarnations. The essential facts of his life are not enough….To get the very concentrated essence of a virtue, an attainment, a heart fire, we must go back to the point where the virtue was forged and won, where the soul has demonstrated courage, fearlessness, where a particular gift from God, unique in that lifetime, was outplayed to its fullest. — Elizabeth Clare Prophet

John Mark. The barefoot young servant sometimes pictured lifting a jar of wine for Jesus and his disciples at the last supper. The daring companion of the apostle Paul on his first missionary journey. Peter called him “my son.”

Mark’s Gospel of Deeds is the earliest and most authentic of the synoptics, written at the request of the faithful in Rome who desired to have preserved in writing Peter’s animated eye-witness account of three years spent side by side with Jesus Christ. As Mark strove to remember his conversations with the chief disciple, scenes came alive with minute details often unnoticed by the other evangelists. The result is the clearest and most human profile of Peter and the most reliable history of the life of Christ. Mark is considered a literary genius who writes in the spirit of a preacher rather than a historian, one for whom narrating is a pleasure. — Elizabeth Clare Prophet

2 DVDs. Total Length: 2 hrs. 45 min.