Incarnations Magnanimous Heart of Lanello - Ikhnaton - (DVD - VIDEO)

Why we study Lanello’s embodiments…

I realized that we could go no further in putting on the mantle of Lanello’s mastery without knowing more about his previous incarnations. The essential facts of his life are not enough…. To get the very concentrated essence of a virtue, an attainment, a heart fire, we must go back to the point where the virtue was forged and won, where the soul has demonstrated courage, fearlessness, where a particular gift from God, unique in that lifetime, was outplayed to its fullest. — Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Thirty-three centuries ago, Ikhnaton, pharaoh of Egypt, worshiped Aton, the Sun behind the sun, the one God symbolized in the solar fire. His is considered the first and perhaps purest monotheism in history. The king changed his name from Amenhotep IV to Ikhnaton—“He Who Is Beneficial to Aton” or “Aton Is Satisfied.” He was often called Master of the Aton—a life-giving, intangible essence.

“Aton is light. His beams play over all things, bringing joy to man and bird and flower. Aton was the Lord of Love….It was by no means a primitive monotheism. It was rich, as always the fabric of consciousness of Lanello is—embroidered, brocaded. It always has the foundation of the depth of God. But when it comes forth as sign and symbol unto the people, it is simple.” — Elizabeth Clare Prophet

1 DVD 1 hr. 26 min.