In the Footsteps of the Buddha - CD

Two lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet showing how each of us can walk in the footsteps of the Buddha. Elizabeth Clare Prophet recounted that the Buddha has said: “I am meditating upon the Mother, the Mother of Cosmos. And the smile upon my face is the smile of the Mother that is reflected upon my face as I gaze upon her.”

CD 1: Your Self-Mastery in the Secret Chamber of the Heart
December 2, 1977 1 hr. 15 min.
The Buddha and the Mother as a concept, as a principle, as a polarity of being, is a very great instrument of your self-realization as the Buddha. The more you magnetize the feminine principle, the more you are able to magnetize the masculine. And so, if you would attract the Buddha, why not become what the Buddha is meditating upon? – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

CD 2: The Psychology of Becoming the Buddha
August 5, 1977 22 min.
To transform from lower consciousness to higher consciousness we must go through a process, a ritual, which includes decrees, mantras, service, and the balancing of karma. This ritual takes us from point A to point B. It is an alchemical formula. The inner meaning of ritual is “right-you-all.” It is you correcting all manifestations of lesser consciousness. If we skip this process, we skip the fruit of the process, and we are deprived of the results.

2 Audio CDs 1 hr. 37 min.