I Believe in the United States of America- (DVD - VIDEO)

Whats Next for America? Disintegration…or Moral Renaissance? A timely and penetrating look at America's spiritual roots, its heritage and its future. A dynamic examination of the opposing forces that have created our current crossroads – a must for all who love America and Freedom.

You'll see as never before the sharp contrast between the destructive policies of the power elite and the mystical vision of America that was shared by the Hebrew prophets, the Founding Fathers, and generations of spiritual revolutionaries up to the modern era.

What is the United States of America? How can we believe in it if we do not know what it is? It is my opinion that most people in this country no longer know what the United States is and, therefore, they no longer believe in it.

-Elizabeth Clare Prophet

America is worth saving…her spiritual destiny is why! This album contains keys for a new generation of pioneers to discover the inner lodestone of your land and my land, and to experience anew the true spirit and vision of America.

2 DVD SET, 2 hours 52 minutes. [Previously released as a two cassette album, “I Believe in the United States of America” July 4th address by Elizabeth Clare Prophet]