I AM Light! Kuthumi's Healing Dispensations - (DVD - VIDEO)

Included in this remarkable album are two landmark dictations by the master psychologist Kuthumi:

  • “Remember the Ancient Encounter-On Discipleship under Lord Maitreya,” January 27, 1985
  • “The Vessel of Kindness,” May 5, 1991 as well as
  • Profound teachings on decree 7.10A, “I AM Light!,” and how to use it to promote healing in your body and mind;
  • Decree 7.10A led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet (9x).

It is my assignment to work with each one of you individually for your physical health and for the healing of your psychology that we might very swiftly get to the cause and core of physical as well as spiritual and emotional conditions that there be no more setbacks or indulges and surely not two steps forward and one step back. – Kuthumi

Take the “I AM Light” decree as a mantra. Give it nine or thirty-three times for nine or thirty-three days. See how I can help you in your circumstance. Circumstance is but a grid of consciousness consisting of your karma and your psychology. If you change these, you will change your circumstance. I will show you how but it is not lawful for me to provide the energy. By giving the mantra, you give me the energy. – Kuthumi