How to Work with Angels. Recapturing the Spirit of Joy - (DVD)

#6 in the How to Work with Angels series.

One thing about joy is that we need to prime the pump. We need to prime the pump of the well until we finally get the water of joy flowing. We have to put ourselves into the spirit of joy if we want to receive and hold the joy of the angels.

It does take effort. We can't just paste joy on. There are no formulas or success courses to help us recapture the spirit of joy in our lives. To recapture and maintain the spirit of joy, we have to learn how to hold on to the light within our auras – because our light is our joy and our joy is our light.

Let us strive, then, to keep our thoughts positive. When we see individuals coming toward us, visualize their inner true self. See the light and the angels all around them. Reinforce the highest image that you can imagine for them, and feel joy in your heart for who they really are.

Included in this album:

  • Who is Archangel Gabriel?
  • How the angels help you to recapture the spirit of joy
  • The character traits that block joy
  • The role of the life force in expressing joy and creativity
  • And much more

1 DVD: 1 hr 50 mins.