How to Work with Angels Effecting Personal, Planetary Change - (DVD - VIDEO)

#4 in the How to Work with Angels series.

To effect personal and planetary change we need the help of the angels. In How to Work with Angels: Effecting Personal and Planetary Change, Elizabeth Clare Prophet shares five keys that Archangel Uriel gives to us to effect real and lasting change in our lives…

The angels can also help us to create miracles through the use of the miraculous violet flame. All we need to do is call to them with a humble heart and the desire for the will of God.

One thing that is guaranteed in life is change. We can choose today to work with the angels to effect positive and miraculous change for ourselves, our families and our planet.

Included in this album:

  • Who is Archangel Uriel?
  • Five keys to effecting change in your life, your family, community and planet
  • Forgiveness is something we become – not something we do
  • Who is Archangel Zadkiel?
  • How the angels help us create miracles in our life
  • And more…

1 DVD, 1 hour 53 minutes.