How to Work with Angels Contacting Your Higher Self - (DVD - VIDEO)

#3 in the How to Work with Angels series.

It is key that we feel comfortable talking with angels and praying to them, because they hear our prayers and answer them as emissaries of God. There is no need to feel awkward when speaking to an angel.

Angels can help us contact our Higher Self through the use of mantras and meditation. The more we use the science of the spoken Word, exercise the power of speech – exercise it to affirm good where we are – and meditate on and pour our love and devotion to the source of all life, we are coming into consonance with our higher self, our Real Self.

Untold legions of angels are waiting to help you contact your Higher Self – you need only ask for their help!

Included in this album:

  • Who is Archangel Jophiel?
  • Illumination and enlightenment
  • How to accelerate consciousness
  • Angels on wisdoms ray
  • How to talk and pray to the angels
  • The crown chakra and contacting your higher self
  • And much more…

1 DVD, 1 hour 41 minutes.