Higher Ground 2

18 favorite songs including keynotes of the masters, plus 6 new songs: The Violet Singing Flame, Our God Star Home, and 4 waltzes by Dorothy Lee Fulton.

Inspirational Songs from The Summit Lighthouse

Higher Ground 2 contains twelve new recordings of favorite songs, including keynotes of the masters, as well as six new songs: "The Violet Singing Flame," "Our God Star Home" and four unique waltzes by the Messenger of Music, Dorothy Lee Fulton.

Sing along with The Summit Lighthouse Choir and immerse yourself in the aura of the Divine Mother and her devotees!

May your heart be filled with the music of love, wisdom and power!

  1. The Violet Singing Flame 6:24
  2. Love Confi nes Not 3:49
  3. Welcome to My Heart, Beloved Jesus 2:29
  4. I AM a Threefold Flame 1:49
  5. Kuthumi Dear 3:56
  6. Introit to the Holy Christ Self 3:13
  7. Nearer I AM to Thee 3:01
  8. Lullaby, Angel Eyes 3:49
  9. Abundance of Every Good Gift 4:21
  10. How Great Thou Art 4:58
  11. God and Goddess Meru 3:20
  12. Precious Gautama 2:43
  13. Beloved Chananda 3:37
  14. Our God Star Home 3:42
  15. Heros and Amora, Come! 4:51
  16. I AM Coming Home 5:36
  17. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor 2:54
  18. O Mother of the World 5:29

Total time 1 hr. 10 min.