Hail Light Victorious! - CD

A salute to Archangel Michael, Captain of the Lord's Host with spirited songs to the archangels. Includes booklet with lyrics.

Track Listing

Archangel Michael's Victory March
To the Seven Archangels
The Sweetest Psalm
Micah – Angel of Unity
Helios and Vesta
O Flame of Light, Bright and Gold
Michael's Sword of Blue Flame
Lord God of Hosts
Lanto, Beloved Lanto
God and Goddess Meru
Glory and Praise
Archangel Michael's Grand Parade
Beloved Jophiel and Christine
Glorious Apollo and Lumina
All Hail the Knight Commander
Beloved Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst
God Is My Victory, Victory, Victory
Produced by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

1 CD, 54 minutes