Hail, Freedom Flame - CD

Songs of Freedom, Audio CD.This album contains twenty classic freedom songs, compiled by the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet and previously published on an audio cassette with the same title.

“I AM a Mother. I need tools. I require all of your Freedom songs, especially your Freedom songs to Saint Germain and your patriotic songs. I need them on compact discs because I would have you play them again and again. For I would provide for Saint Germain and Portia the means, the instrumentation, whereby you do not lose the high vibration that is present right here, so much so that you can touch it physically. You must not lose it! And the songs of Freedom of all ages, such as Finlandia, do awaken the soul, do remind the soul of her origin and destiny in the God of Freedom. The soul comes out of her density and says, This is why I am here! This is why I am born! I will charge this day and every day with the flame of Freedom and give my life to my Creator.” Goddess of Freedom, July 4, 1992.

1. The Star-Spangled Banner, Song 680, 3:39.
2. God Bless America, Song 686, 3:05.
3. I Love You Waltz to Saint Germain, Song 237, 3:34.
4. America, Awake! I AM THAT I AM, Song 698, 2:44.
5. The Chelas Star-Spangled Banner, Song 703, 4:55.
6. This Is My Country!, Song 761, 3:30.
7. Liberty Tree, Song 726, 2:27.
8. The Freedom Forge, Song 711, 3:05.
9. Give Us Ten Thousand, Song 712, 5:22.
10. Battle Hymn of the Republic, Song 687, 4:42.
11. Yankee Doodle Dandy, Song 766, 3:22.
12. America the Beautiful, Song 685, 3:01.
13. My Country, Tis of Thee, Song 684, 2:04.
14. The Flame of Freedom Speaks, Song 704, 2:39.
15. The Battle Cry of Freedom, Song 764, 3:28.
16. Beloved Liberty Flame, Song 724, 2:00.
17. Friends of Freedom, Arise, Arise!, Song 709, 7:08.
18. Your Land and My Land, Song 762, 1:49.
19. Youre a Grand Old Flag, Song 765, 3:24.
20. Hail, Freedom Flame! (Americana), Song 708, 12:10.

1 audio CD, 1 hour 18 minutes. Before a live audience.