The Greater Way of Freedom

First published in 1976 but out of print for many years, this edition has been updated with new images of focuses of the flame of freedom from around the globe.

Freedom is a flame. It cannot be confined to the realm of politics, religion or philosophy. It encompasses all. Burning within the hearts of men and nations can be found the unquenchable fires of freedom.

Timely teaching for today's challenges.


  • The Prophecy of the Soul of America, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  • The Fiery Destiny of America, by the Spirit of Freedom in the Fourteen Ascended Masters who Govern the Destiny of America
  • The Karma of America, by the Goddess of Liberty
  • Enshrining the Flame of Freedom in the Capitals of the Nations, by Saint Germain
  • Obedience Is Better than Sacrifice, by the Ascended Master Godfre
  • The Precipitation of the Diamond of the Will of God, by El Morya
  • America in 1976, by Saint Germain
  • The Increment of Fire, by Sanat Kumara

Softbound, 108 pages, 7 updated illustrations