Golden Age: Flame of the New Day - (DVD - VIDEO)

The Passing of the Torch from Pisces to Aquarius

The year 2010 marks the absolute final edge of Pisces in its crossing over to Aquarius, which is intended to be a golden age of peace, enlightenment and abundance.

Is it a reality? What would living in a golden age be like? And what can we do to insure that it is coming?

Discover the answers to these compelling questions.

The Golden Age: Is It a Reality? Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 10, 1975, 69 minutes

MP3 audio CD:

Lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet:
The Golden Age: Is It a Reality?, October 10, 1975
The Flame of the New Day, October 10, 1975
The Journey of the Soul into the New Day, October 10, 1975

Lecture by Mark L. Prophet: You Will Become One with God, February 18, 1973

Jesus ChristThe Alchemy of the Marriage at Cana: Hierarchies of Aquarius and Pisces Rejoice, February 18, 1973, 19 minutes
Saint GermainOn the Cusp of Great Possibilities: A Tale of Two Cities, February 18, 1973, 15 minutes

2 Disc Set: 5 hours, 17 minutes 
1 DVD (69 minutes)
1 MP3 Audio CD (4 hours, 8 minutes)