God Is Mother - (MP3 CD)

…East and West within You

 “My beloved, God is Mother within you – East and West…. This Mother is not a person and yet she is the Person. This Mother is not a spirit and yet she is the Spirit. This Mother is not the self and yet she is your Self. This Mother is the dot in the center of a universe and she is the boundary thereof. This Mother is within you. Come and receive her love!… “We of the Darjeeling Council have convoked this celebration of light for the opening of the age of Mother, for the restoration of the feminine po-tential of man and woman, for the liberation of the soul to be the bride of the Spirit and to enter into the alchemical marriage whereby the nonpermanent self is sealed, is healed by the Permanent Self, the I AM THAT I AM.” – El Morya

Contains lectures, dictations and meditations by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Previously released in 1978 as two cassette-albums.

Disc 1 – Dictations:
The Sponsors of Youth from Out the Great Central Sun A Call for an All-Out Commitment to the Cause of Youth 12-28-1977

Out of the Mother Flame of the Unascended Masters of the Himalayas and the Andes Project Contact 12-28-1977

God and Goddess Meru The Ashram of the World Mother: An Extension of Our Retreat at Lake Titicaca 12-28-1977

Vesta, Goddess of the Sun Setting the Cycles for Your God-Mastery In the Four Quadrants of Being 12-29-1977

Hilarion Transference of the Healing Flame 12-29-1977

The Goddess of Purity Purity's Sweet Light, Bridge of Beauty and Loveliness 12-30-1977

Disc 2 – Dictations:

Serapis Bey and the White Goddess Disciplines of the Sacred Centers of God-Awareness (Chakras)for Discipleship East and West 12-30-1977

Mother Mary Behold, the Handmaid (Shakti) of the Lord! 12-31-1977

Gautama Buddha A Golden Ball from Venus – Lighting the Taper of the New Year with the Torch of Mother Love 1-1-1978

El Morya He That Keepeth the Citadel of Consciousness 1-1-1978

Jesus the Christ My Mission with Saint Germain 1-1-1978

Justina, Twin Flame of Mighty Victory The Forgiveness of Eve 1-1-1978

Portia, Goddess of Justice A Report from the Lords of Karma 1-1-1978

The Goddess of Light A Crystal Pyramid from My Heart 1-1-1978

Jesus the Christ The Messenger and the Living Church 10-23-1977

Ascended Lady Master Venus To Reinforce the Love Fires of Your Victory in Aquarius 1-1-1978

Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth Mother Is God: Setting the Cycles of Truth for the Aquarian Age 1-1-1978

Disc 2 – Lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet:
The Responsibility of Motherhood 12-28-1977
Flow with Guru Ma: God Is Mother within You 12-29-1977
Flow with Guru Ma: Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Sarasvati 12-29-1977
The Science of the Sacred Heart Taught by Mary and Jesus 12-30-1977
Flow with Guru Ma: Ascension Currents from the Central Sun for the Translation of the Desire Body 12-30-1977
Unlocking the Potential of the Mother Flame within You (includes Fourteenth Rosary) 12-30-1977
An In-Depth Analysis of the Motion Picture ‘Nicholas and Alexandra' 12-31-1977

2 MP3s, Total time: 17 hr. 9 min.