Genetic Engineering - (MP3 CD)

Strategies of the Fallen Angels – The Controllers and the Destroyers of the Human Race A lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 29 and 30, 1983.

The giving of the seed of Christ in genetic engineering experimentation is truly the end of evolution. Genetic engineering literally attempts to usurp the creative power of God and to use it to destroy the seed of Christ among humanity. But such synthetic creation cannot be sustained, for God will not allow it.

In this ground-breaking lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet you will learn about:

Life creation technologies
Custom-made families
The absolute control over creation of offspring
Mechanized death
Fetal experimentation
Men and abortionsWhat are they going through?
Ramifications of life and death in the issue of abortion
Abortion and the law: Keeping the flame for Earths evolutions
Moral and ethical questions arising out of genetic engineering
Teachings on Eriels Retreat in Arizona for children who have made the transition
Ascended master dictation excerpts
Invocations, Songs and Decrees for the Defense of Life, Clearing the Records of the Pain of Abortion, The Judgment of Abortion, the Abortionist and Abortion Mills, Comfort to the Child Undergoing Fetal Experimentation, and more.

Recommended for Keepers of the Flame

1 MP3 CD. Length: 9.75 hours