Freedom through the Sword of Truth - (DVD - VIDEO)

The Reward of Truth Is the Fullness of the Christ Consciousness.

 Where there is an on-and-off war going on within as you argue against the Truth and for the defense of the personality and the self, I tell you, beloved, with the violet flame you invoke, if you will add to it my call for the living flame of Truth, you will discover how quickly you can be rid of this not-self that does pretend to be yourself and has for too long been the mask that you have worn before your fellows. – Pallas Athena, December 31, 1988

DVD Contents


Pallas AthenaThe Reward of Truth, December 31, 1988, 40 min.
Pallas Athena Enter the Heart of the Christ Flame of Living Truth: I Extend Healing Currents for the Healing of the Psyche, March 23, 1989, 33 min.
Length: 1 hr. 13 min.

Audio CD Contents


1. Alternate Preamble to Living Truth, Decree 50.00A, 2:20
2. Preamble to Decree 50.00, Living Truth, 1:17
3. Living Truth, Decree 50.00, 33x (intermediate pace), 25:36
4. And in full Faith…, 0:28
5. Preamble to Decree 50.00, Living Truth, 1:02
6. Calls, 1:55
7. Living Truth, Decree 50.00, 33x (advanced pace), 16:05
8. And in full Faith…, 0:16
9. Preamble to Decree 7.29, Great Karmic Board, 0:40
10. Great Karmic Board, Decree 7.29, 3x, 4:09
11. And in full Faith…, 0:22
Length: 54 min.

1 DVD and 1 Audio CD: Total length 2 hr. 07 min.

Decree Pace: Intermediate+. Recommended for experienced practitioners of the Science of the Spoken Word. (Note: Decree words are not included.)