Food, Consciousness and Karma - (DVD - VIDEO)

DV14009: Healthy Eating for Spiritual Growth, A Lecture by Steven Acuff
1 DVD 1 hr. 45 min.

GOOD FOOD is the key to a long and healthy life. With good nutrition, the body has the means to produce energy, sustain its vital functions, rid itself of toxins and rejuvenate its cells. People who eat with a focus on wellness and longevity have more energy and mental clarity and generally feel better.

Discover through this lecture with author Steven Acuff how food relates to health, healing, consciousness and the spiritual path. Learn how to apply these practical and profound teachings in your daily life, and enjoy better health!

STEVEN ACUFF, renowned teacher, nutritional counselor and food expert, discovered what he calls the “Great Life” way of eating in 1971. In his training, he received personal tutoring from Michio Kushi, a leading macrobiotic author and teacher.

In 1979 Steven began lecturing and counseling about food and its relationship to health, and his work has taken macrobiotics to a new level. Today Steven continues to teach people around the world how to apply these practical and time-honored principles for health, healing and longevity.