Find Your Way Back to Me - (MP3 CD)

Disciples of the Cosmic Christ on the Path from Saint Francis to Lord Maitreya (from Freedom 1978 Sing a New Song conference)

It has been said: “If people knew better, they would do better!”

Without the wisdom of the Law and knowledge of the activities of light and darkness, without a correct assessment of the God within and the manifestation without, people do not necessarily decide for truth, for the real, for the divine plan.

Maitreya comes to initiate souls on the path of discipleship and tutor the souls of servant sons and daughters for new-age awareness and send them to carry the lamp of illumination to the nations.

Song 278 The Holy Spirit 2:50
Song 277 Hail, Mary, Full of Grace! 3:03
Song 288 Santa Maria 2:41
On the Path with Saint Francis (Part 1) Date: 6-30-78 Time 37:31
On the Path with Saint Francis (Part 2) 6-30-78 Time: 34:03
Song to Kuthumi The Torch Is Passed Time: 2:52
Song 103 Kuthumi Dear Time: 3:54
Decree 30.11 Behold Love Time: 2:15
Dictation: Ascended Master Kuthumi Revolutionaries for the Coming Revolution: An Outer Order of the Priesthood of Melchizedek Date: 6-30-78 Time: 38:42
Messengers Comments and Invocation prior to Dictation by Ascended Lady Master Nada Time: 2:07
Song 172 Beloved Surya and Beloved Cuzco Time: 3:43
Messengers Comments on Decree 10.13 with Invocation Time: 6:03
Dictation: Ascended Lady Master Portia The Mercy and Justice of the Law in the Mother Flame of Freedom Date: 7-1-78 Time: 38:02
Benediction Time: 1:46
Dictation: Ascended Lady Master Nada Todays Confrontation with the Anti-Mother Strategies of the Fallen Ones Date: 7-1-78 Time: 33:23
Song 276 I Love You Waltz Time: 3:56
Dictation: Beloved Saint Germain The Future of Freedom on Terra Date: 7-1-78 Time: 54:59
Scriptural Reading Psalm 82 Date: 7-2-78 Time: 1:11
Dictation: Maitreya, Initiator of Souls on the Path of Discipleship Find Your Way Back to Me: A Challenge to Disciples of the Cosmic Christ Date: 7-2-78 Time: 1:01:25
Messengers Comments Time: 3:25
Dictation: Beloved Alexander Gaylord and Ascended Lady Master Leto Twin Flames in the Service of America Date: 7/9/78 Time: 26:15