Energy Is God - (MP3 CD)

New Year's Conference 1976-77: 8 lectures, 10 dictations. Elizabeth Clare Prophet

“Energy is God. How gloriously we find him in all life! Organized, systematized. Random yet rhythmic motion. Energy is God Confined yet not confined to Mater. Energy is God Bound to Mater in the fiery nucleus of life, Yet free to bound from atom to atom Free in the flow of the Holy Spirit, Hallowing space, Crowning time with the majesty of the Mother.” Maitreya


1. Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Opening Address, 12-30-76, 88:07 minutes
2. Beloved Omri-Tas, Ruler of the Violet Planet with Holy Amethyst: The LORDs Commission to Keepers of the Flame, 12-29-76, 30:57 minutes
3. The Ascended Master Hilarion: The Challenges of Apostleship: The Call, the Conversion, the Working of the Works of the Lord, 12-29-76, 35:40 minutes
4. Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Disciples Empowered with the Energy of the Word, 12-30-76, 20:05 minutes
5. The Elohim Astrea: Encircling the Body of God with the Circle of Fire, 12-30-76, 18:00 minutes
7. Archangel Chamuel and Charity: Love Is the Word He Spoke, 12-31-76, 25:17 minutes
8. Beloved Mighty Victory: Victorys Torch Passed unto the Messengers of Truth in Science and Religion, 12-31-76, 30:48 minutes
9. Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Convocation of the Children of Israel: Twelve Tribes Under the Twelve Solar Hierarchies, 12-31-76, 57:58 minutes
10. The Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha: Release of the Thoughtform for the Year 1977: A Golden Eagle from the God Star Sirius, 12-31-76, 33:33 minutes
11. Beloved El Morya: The Call of Camelot, 1-1-77, 11:59 minutes
12. Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Be Thou Made Whole! A Study in the Energy of the Psyche, 1-1-77, 77:15 minutes
13. Elizabeth Clare Prophet: How to Write Decree Inserts, 1-1-77, 45:38 minutes
14. Beloved Saint Germain: Spirals of Selfl essness for the Madonna and Child, 1-2-77 54:42 minutes
15. Beloved Maximus: The Energy of the Great Central Su, 1-2-77, 28:55 minutes
16. Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Jesus Christ to the New Jerusalem: Enter Ye In at the Strait Gate, 1-2-77, 69:29 minutes
17. Beloved Jesus the Christ: Except Ye Eat the Flesh of the Son of Man…, 1-2-77 23:31 minutes
18. Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Man Is Gods Energy in Manifestation, 1-2-77 33:34 minutes
19. Elizabeth Clare Prophet: The Energy of the Word: The White Stone of the Mother and the Elixir of the Holy Spirit, 1-2-77 22:15 minutes

1 MP3 audio CD, 11 hours 48 minutes Liner notes included.