El Morya NEW Dark Blue Laminated Wallet Card

El Morya in the attire of a late 19th-century Rajput prince. This portrait is a result of a request made years ago by Elizabeth Clare Prophet to the staff artist who created the “light blue” El Morya portrait. She asked that one be created with Morya in the layered clothing he may have worn as a mahatma in the Himalayas during his last lifetime.

Sometimes we look a stranger in the eye and have a flash of recognition: we know this person! You may feel an instant soul connection when you gaze into the eyes of the ascended master El Morya.

You may be one of those souls who knew him in the past—as father, brother, teacher, ruler, and friend. He was Abraham. He was Sir Thomas More. He was Akbar the Great. And he had many more lives as the exemplar of fatherly guidance and love.

Master Morya is looking for his students and friends of old, and his eye is on you. His heart is longing for you. He has important teachings to convey to you and he is ready to take you by the hand and lead you to your next step on an accelerated spiritual path.

Connect with a dear friend whom you’ve known for a very long time!