El Morya (laminated) wallet card

El Morya is Chohan of the First Ray, the blue ray, of power, goodwill and faith. He also exemplifies the blue-ray qualities of leadership, proper use of power and speech, and ultimate surrender to the divine will.

He can assist all students who desire to embody these virtues, master the throat chakra and receive the Holy Spirits gifts of the word of wisdom and faith in the divine will.

El Morya is well known as the Master M who worked with the Master Koot Hoomi in the late nineteenth century to establish the Theosophical Society and to spread the knowledge of higher truths to a wider circle among mankind.

After his ascension in the late 1800s, he continued working for this same purpose, most notably through Nicholas and Helena Roerich in the early 1900s and recently through The Summit Lighthouse and Mark and Elizabeth Prophet beginning in the late 1950s.