Education of the Heart - Lectures - (MP3 CD)

Education in the Age of Aquarius Series

Nine landmark lectures delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the celebration of the 7th anniversary of Mark Prophet's ascension (February 1980).

Topics included in these lectures:

Public School Education-State Controlled Education with a Motive
The History of Humanism in Education Traced from Ancient Greece
Modern Textbooks: Education for Robots
Power Politics in Education
Humanist Psychology and Behavior Modification
Rock Music, Comic Books, Television, and Motion Pictures
And more
The album also includes excerpts from two dictations and a special event from 1976, “The Children’s Hour: Dedicated to the Child of Your Heart,” in which Elizabeth Clare Prophet reads a story to children of the community and interacts with them.

2 MP3 CDs Total length of set: 23 hr. 32 min.