Education of the Heart - Dictations - (DVD - VIDEO)

Contains six dictations delivered on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of Lanello's ascension, during the seminar Education of the Heart.

Blessed hearts, it is as though there had been cataclysm in the earth during this seminar, so great is the rearrangement of the atoms and molecules of consciousness when the penetrating Word, heard by the Holy Spirit, reaches every cell and grain of sand and every soul, light and dark, upon the planetary body. This is the authorization of our witness. It is to this end that Alpha and Omega would speak through us to you-and through the Alpha and the Omega in you and your twin flame speak to all the world.

-Lanello, February 26, 1980


Dictations by:

Mother Mary, February 24, 1980
Jesus Christ, February 25, 1980
Lanello, February 26, 1980
Serapis Bey, February 26, 1980
Goddess of Liberty, February 26, 1980
Sanat Kumara, February 26, 1980

2 DVDs Total length of set: 3 hr. 56 min.