Discourses on Cosmic Law # 5 - (MP3 CD)

Discourses on Cosmic Law 5:

If you're searching for a spiritual guide in life, Mark can tell you what to look for. With stories of his encounters with true and supposed spiritual teachers, he explains why each of us needs a spiritual teacher and the qualifications that teacher should have. And he gives a secret for starting the flow of supply (money and the things you need) into your life.

In “The Song of Life,” Mark tells of his spiritual search—from revival tents and Roman Catholicism to finding his Guru, El Morya Khan. He says that guilt and condemnation have no place on the spiritual path and he shares one of his greatest secrets to spiritual growth: sending love back to God.

In “The Lightning and the Stone,” Mark reminds us that the soul is our most valuable possession and tells us how we can free the imprisoned lightning of the soul.

Could feelings of inferiority or a disease like arthritis stem from not forgiving yourself? Mark shows how our resentments block our ability to change and how forgiveness can work “literal cosmic magic in our body, our mind, our soul and our spirit.” He teaches that God has set up your life so you can win—and tells you how you can do it.

Also in Album 5:  “The Creative Gifts of God to Man,” “The Tree of Life,” “Knowledge versus Understanding,” “In the Furnace of Creation,” “The Pyramid of Experience in the Revolving Door of Time,” “The Kingdom of Heaven Observed on the Ladder of Time,” “The Eternal Role of the Disciple in the Disciplines of the Law,” “Vibrations,” “Basic Instruction: A Critical Examination of God” and “Why Man Must Forgive Himself: Universal Freedom through Forgiveness.”

ALBUM 5 BONUS (MP3):  “Decrees and Songs by the Messenger Mark L. Prophet,” 2 hours, 38 minutes.

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