Discourses on Cosmic Law # 3 - (MP3 CD)

With keen insight and spiritual understanding, Mark speaks of the greatest hunger of the human soul—to reconnect with God—and says that realizing that reunion is our birthright. He covers many keys for moving closer to God, from developing humility and spiritual vision to learning how to make it through the rockiest parts of your spiritual journey.

“Anybody can be well-behaved on a still pond,” says Mark, “but can you be well-behaved in the rapids?” Learn Cosmic Law to understand how to keep your equanimity amid the ebb and flow of the currents of life.

Mark examines what things in our lives create the illusion that we are separate from God. He reveals how we can unearth the creative genius within ourselves and how we can deal with the “monsters” of our own creation that tempt us away from the spiritual path.

Mark's lecture “The Mission” will give you a new lease on life. Mark shows that we all have a special mission in life and describes some of the internal and external pitfalls that keep us from realizing that mission.

In “The Miracle of the Renewed Mind,” he speaks of transcending lethargy and old patterns and creating new paradigms that allow us to daily experience the power of the “renewed mind.” Mark helps us sort out the subtle fantasies we entertain from the reality of God and the reality of our true self.

He tackles the myth that Jesus' death on the cross automatically gives us life. A master at Bible interpretation, he reveals what Saint Paul meant when he said, “I die daily,” and what part of ourselves we should let die daily.

Also in Album 3:  “The Odyssey of Self,” “The Rider on the White Horse,” “Achieving Greatness as a Divine Idea,” “The Meaning of the Gift of Self,” “Mysteries of Being Revealed,” “The Dharma of the Law,” “The Creative Spark,” “Preserving the Mind According to Divine Decree,” “The Harmony of Life,” “The Infinite Way: The Rainbow Rays,” “Fantasy and Reality: On the Moral Defense of Our Women, Our Youth and Our Souls” and “The Penetrability of the Godhead: The Washing of the Water by the Word.”

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