Discourses on Cosmic Law # 1 - (MP3 CD)

The antahkarana is the unseen web that connects all parts of life, the auric field of the entire cosmos. Governed by universal principles of energy known as “cosmic law”, this web is your connection to cosmos. In his lecture “Antahkarana, the Web of Life,” Mark explains how “you tremble the whole universe from the point in space where you are” and how each of us hurts or helps life by what we think and do moment by moment.

In “The Use of Thoughtforms in the Expansion of Consciousness” Mark shows you how to enhance your sensitivity and creative abilities by visualizing certain geometric images, or thoughtforms, under the direction of your Higher Self.

A master storyteller, Mark relates anecdotes from his life to show how thoughts produce action. Using thoughtforms can “give you creative power and control of your own life,” he says. “You have all the energy that God has. All you have to do is learn to use it.” With profound insight and depth, Mark describes the many facets of love. He explains that perfect love is practical and pragmatic, why a certain amount of self-love is necessary, and what prevents true love from coming into our life. He gives psychological keys on loving, including why some people are afraid to love and why love sometimes turns into hatred.

His lectures on love include “Developing Ascended Master Love,” “Purity of Heart,” “Waves upon the Sea,” “The Accent Is Love” and “Perfect Love.” Also in Album 1: “The Avatar,” “The Artisan in the Temple,” “Exhalation and Inhalation of the Breath of God,” “Creation,” “Penetration, Focalization and Control of Consciousness,” and “Thoughts Are…”

1 mp3 Audio CD.