Discerning This Present Time - by Frans W. Erkens

The Discerning This Present Time project is envisioned as a series of volumes dealing with particular themes that seek to throw into greater light some of the major developments and issues that are going on in the world, with a particular emphasis on America. It is intended to offer an Ascended Master Teaching perspective on various major issues, trends and political/social developments. I hope to put issues like abortion, sexual identity, immigration, climate change, socialism, and a host of other things in a broader sort of perspective that is based on more of an objective grasp of the nature of the times and the forces at play, the broad strategies involved by those who are pitted against the plans and purposes of God, why we see the sort of reactionary responses and hysteria that we do, and so forth. The first volume was published in April 2020 and focuses on spiritual demographics. Keep posted for information on future volumes.