Dilemma of Life on Earth, The Life Begets Life # 1 - (MP3 CD)

The Dilemma of Life on Earth MP3 An Exposé of the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Conspiracy behind Abortion

Elizabeth Clare Prophet exposes the conspiracy of the fallen ones against the light and mission of the incoming soul. She unmasks the myths that underlie abortion, population control, the death wish and the death culture. Discover the inner teachings of the spiritual understanding of the sacrament of marriage, the sacred responsibility of bearing children, life as a continuum and that each ones divine mission is to be God incarnate in man.

The coming of the fallen angels to Earth
The Nephilim, the Watchers, the Power Elite
The counterfeit race
The evolution of Planned Parenthood
The miracle of life as the law of karma
The consequences to our civilization for allowing and legalizing abortion
What the Founding Fathers thought about abortion
Counteracting the counterrevolution

MP3 Disc 1, 10 hours 38 minutes

Our Meditation on the Mighty Stream of the Universal Mother
A Nation Beset by Mass Illusions
My Gift of Love to Every Pregnant Woman with Wisdom and an Understanding HeartLife Shall Prevail within Your Womb
Anti-Life Begets Anti-Lifea Conspiracy of Absolute Evil against Absolute Good*
The Lessons of History
Abortion, an Ongoing Phenomenon

MP3 Disc 2, 10 hours 1 minute

Meditations for Conception
The Concentration of Power: Power Plays of the Power Elite
Counteracting the Counterrevolution: The Archdeceivers of Mankind
International Conspiracy of the Power Elite
The Exposure of the Lie behind the Liethe Exposure of the Conspiracy behind the Conspiracy

MP3 Disc 3, 5 hours 43 minutes

Prayers, Invocations, Dynamic Decrees and Songs for the Defense of Life in the Womb

TOTAL LENGTH: 26+ hours, 3 MP3 discs.

Includes: Liner Notes, Bonus Liner Notes and Unabridged detailed liner notes

Recommended for Keepers of the Flame

*In this lecture Elizabeth Clare Prophet relates material from Zecharia Sitchin's The Twelfth Planet to the subject of Anti-Life Begets Anti-Life. This is not an endorsement by either Elizabeth Clare Prophet or The Summit Lighthouse of Mr. Sitchin's theories.