Decrees with Mother and her Chelas - CD

For Keepers of the Flame to accelerate positive change in personal and world situations.

All tracks (except the final sealing) are led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet with her students.

10.03 I AM Gods Will (72x)
20.12 I Ratify the Judgment of Helios (20.07 and 20.09 9x each)

10.13 Beloved Surya (48x)
7.05 Reverse the Tide (144x)
8.04 Prevent Nuclear War (4x)
7.32 Protect our Youth (10x)

7.07 Set the Elementals Free (18x)
70.19 Violet Flame Is… (3x)
5.01 Decree for Freedoms Holy Light (38x)
5.02 More Violet Fire (3x)
55.00 Abundance of Every Good and Perfect Gift (46x)
55.01 Lights Treasures (45x)
6.02 Summit Lighthouse Success and Expansion with verse 9 (4x)
Sealing of the Decree Session (from the Alternate Preamble to Decree 10.00)

3 Audio CD Set, 3 hrs. 57 mins. Pace: Intermediate+