Decrees to the Elohim - CD

Decree service to the Elohim led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet during the 1993 Easter conference.

The decree service in this album was led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet during the Easter conference 1993.

During the 1987 July conference in the Heart of the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch, Archangel Chamuel and Charity revealed that a chalice was being formed at the etheric level. They said, “When the chalice shall rise to meet the Elohimic level, then shall Elohim pour into this chalice that which ye seek.”

This chalice is like a “funnel” of crystal light. Through this funnel the Elohim gain entrée to the earth without impediment and step down their light to our level. Thus the chalice is an open door for the Elohim to send their light throughout the world through their devotees.

The chalice allows the Elohim to anchor in the earth the energies of God that can transform the world. And because this chalice exists, the Elohim can instantaneously lower their presence in answer to our call. Thus our prayers to the Elohim can be more effective than ever before.

So when you decree, you can call for the reinforcement of the chalice of Elohim. You can ask to be a recipient of the energies that the Elohim pour through that chalice. And as you offer your own heart and soul and body as a chalice for Elohim, you too can receive the empowerment of Elohim. That is what this earth needs and what each of us needs if we are to have transformation: the empowerment of Elohim.

Remember, because the Elohim are magnificent manifestations of God, they can magnify the energies you put into your devotions many times over. So the more devotion and love and power you pour into your decrees, the more energy the Elohim will have to multiply and use on behalf of humanity.

2 Audio CDs. Total Length: 1 hr. 58 min. Decrees given in Advanced Pace.