Decrees and Songs of the Third Ray - CD

Prayers, decrees and songs to the Archangel and Masters of Love. Expand the fire of your heart. Booklet of words included.

Let Love Be the Dividing of the Way 6:27
Adoration to God 10:13
Introit to the Holy Christ Self 5:43
I AM the Light of the Heart 1:34
Keep My Flame Blazing 2:09
O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life 2:36
Beloved Chamuel and Charity 4:41
The Balm of Gilead 1:58
The Covenant of the Magi 2:39
Forever Thine 6:47
Love Me 6:50
Blessed Heros and Amora—Elohim of Love 2:54
Behold Love! 2:54
The Way of Love 1:15
Preamble to: Rose of Light, O Come 0:37
Rose of Light, O Come 1:40
Djwal Kul, Come! 3:08
And in full Faith… 0:45
The Angels' Song at Twilight 7:58
“Hence, as you develop the heart chakra and become a just steward of the heart, you must learn to release the resources of the Spirit through the spoken Word and to give decrees in time and space that are for the transmutation of that place into the dominion and the domain of the kingdom of God.” – Djwal Kul Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 17 No. 39

Audio CD 73 minutes.