Decrees and Songs of the Second Ray - CD

D15002: 68 minutes

Prayers, decrees and songs to the Archangel and Masters of Wisdom for world peace, illumined action and the guidance of the youth of the world. Booklet of words included. Medium pace.

Lanto, Beloved Lanto 3:30
Preamble to: Invocation of Illumination 1:41
Invocation of Illumination 20:31
And in full Faith… 0:27
God and Goddess Meru 2:44
Golden Waves of Peace 5:56
And in full Faith… 0:24
Helios and Vesta! 2:30
Preamble to: Balance the Threefold Flame in Me! 1:13
Balance the Threefold Flame in Me! 7:51
And in full Faith… 0:31
Lanto's Prayer 1:12
Beloved Lanto, Lead Us to Shamballa Again 5:07
Preamble to: Call for Illumination 0:49
Call for Illumination 5:12
And in full Faith… 0:24
Seven Calls for Illumined Action 3:02
Blaze Illumination's Flame Thru Us 2:10
Glorious Apollo and Lumina 3:01