Corona Class Lessons

This special handbook of 48 lessons outlines fundamentals of the spiritual path, with rare insights on love, mercy, brotherhood, charity, the soul, vision, mission, and faith. You will gain profound insights into the Transfiguration and how to make it a part of your path, how to recognize and replace bad habits, and how surrender actually leads to freedom and greater spiritual power, wisdom, and love.

Jesus and Kuthumi unveil new interpretations of the Bible. A perfect companion for those who would experience fully the joys and challenges of the spiritual quest.

“Think not that you can get here and there on earth what the Masters are able to give you from above and in their retreats. Therefore seek the highest Teachers and be the best taught among earth’s evolutions. And qualify yourselves to become teachers of men by pursuing the Corona Class Lessons. For the corona of the sun is a corona of Victory.”

– Mighty Victory, July 8, 1984

Softbound 413 pp.